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#volunteersweek BBMH

Volunteers form a vital part of the Oxfordshire Mind workplace, this week Oxfordshire Mind caught up with Dianne Martin – a volunteer at the Benefits for Better Mental Health Service:

Where do you volunteer?
Benefits for Better Mental Health Service

What does your role entail?
My role entails helping out in two ways. Firstly, helping out with admin at the BBMH office in Manzil Way.  The other is assisting/accompanying clients when they attend their initial DWP assessments.

Why is volunteering with Oxfordshire Mind important to you?
It is important because it looks after people in Oxfordshire that are in need of help and support.  This can serve to complement existing support from family and or the Mental Health services.  Conversely, it may be the only support they get and, therefore, is vital to them.

What has been the highlight of your volunteering experience?
When clients succeed in being awarded a benefit, such as ESA or PIP, they are often very joyous and happy.  The process would have been difficult and stressful, and they can become highly anxious and tense.  With the help of the BBMH team they stand the best chance of a good outcome.  The clients, then, often send emails or cards thanking us all.  We have done some good and made a difference.  That’s very rewarding.

To find out more about volunteering with Oxfordshire Mind visit our website, phone (01865 263 730) or email (volunteering@oxfordshiremind.org.uk).