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Gemma’s Story

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Gemma, who has used our services and now volunteers for Oxfordshire Mind, shares her story:

Living with a Mental Health Difficulty

“I have been through a lot with my anxiety and depression. I find things hard with not feeling good enough about myself and am always worrying about what people think of me. It is hard when people do not understand your mental health. I am fighting a battle every day.”

Support at Oxfordshire Mind

“I have been going to [Oxfordshire] Mind for about 6 years. They run different things throughout the week which I find help my wellbeing [We run a wide range of peer support groups and wellbeing courses through our Hubs]. I can learn tips on how to deal with different things. I am so grateful to have their help. They understand my mental health and members of staff are there if you need to talk about what is going on and will help support you through it. [Oxfordshire] Mind is a place where you do not feel judged. People are in the same boat as you and they understand about mental health.”

Throughout Lockdown

“The lockdown has made my mental health a lot worse and I have had to ask for help with getting through it as I was having more hard and dark days and I just felt that I could not get out of it. It is hard to take on board the good things that happen when you are inside four walls and you think there is no way out of this.”

“A Mind worker helped me get through those dark days and through this hard time. Throughout Covid-19, she has called me throughout the week to see how I am and support me through this hard time. She has been really helpful getting me through this and has given me tools to help me and tells me where I can turn to at the weekends. Thank you for [Oxfordshire] Mind for helping me get through this time.”

Support Oxfordshire Mind

Gemma is just one of the many people who has reached out to Oxfordshire Mind for support. Since lockdown began, over 1,200 people have phoned our Information Line to ask for support with their mental health.

Today, you can help us to ensure that others like Gemma have somewhere to turn when they’re struggling with their mental health.

Donate today by clicking here to donate online or by texting MIND 10 to 70470 to donate £10 now.