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Last year a fantastic supporter, Ali, took on the Snowdon 6 Ways Challenge in memory of his dear friend Milo, who tragically took his own life, at the age of 27, earlier this year. The challenge consisted of running the 6 major routes of the mountain, one after the other and covered roughly 80km and over 5200m of ascent.

Following on from that challenge, Ali is now documenting his personal experiences of mental health through a monthly Podcast. Previous Podcasts have covered topics such as nutrition, sport, male mental wellbeing, and personal challenges.

Dan Knowles, Oxfordshire Mind CEO, joins Ali @EvolvePod to discuss Coronavirus, the impact lockdowns, and more.

September 2020 I ran my own unique ultra marathon, The Snowdon 6 Ways Challenge, where I ran up and down the 6 main routes of Snowdon back to back.

78kms and 5200m of elevation later I managed to raise a mind blowing £22415 for Oxfordshire MIND, a local mental health Charity.

In this episode I chat with the CEO, Dan Knowles about the challenges the charity faces, the amazing people who work for and volunteer for the charity and some of the exciting and innovative projects that your hard earned cash will help fund.

It’s a great insight into the current state of affairs of wellbeing and mental health.


Oxfordshire Mind Supporter