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Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time affects our physical and mental health. It’s common to be affected by changing seasons and weather, or to have times of year when you feel more or less comfortable.

❄️Try to make the most of natural light. You could try to spend time in natural light by going for a walk. If this is difficult, for example if you are self-isolating, try to let in light during the day time by opening up blinds and curtains.

🌤️Planning ahead. You could try to make meals in advance and freeze them if you know you are likely to lack the energy to do this during the most difficult period of the season.

☔Plan relaxing activities that might help improve your mood, such as talking to a friend, reading a new book, or listening to a podcast.

💦Try some relaxation techniques. Learning to relax can help you look after your wellbeing when you are feeling stressed, anxious or busy.

🌨️Try peer support, it brings together people who have had similar experiences. Oxfordshire Mind have face to face and online groups.

For more information, and support:

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