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Survey on Research Priorities

The Board of Trustees of Oxfordshire Mind are thinking about research projects which could improve services to people with mental health needs in Oxfordshire and we would like to hear your views.

We have had initial discussions with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford, to suggest projects that the Department could undertake which would meet the needs of those who use services, as well as those who deliver services.

The Department of Psychiatry of Oxford has a world-wide reputation for delivering important research that improves care for people with mental health problems.  It is a great opportunity for Oxfordshire Mind to collaborate with the Department to develop research ideas and proposals.

Following those discussions, we have identified a number of areas of “unmet need”. We would like your views on these areas of unmet need.  We have developed a survey that seeks your views which can be accessed here.  There is also space in the survey for you to suggest other areas, if you think that there are other topics for research that are not covered in the survey.

Many thanks for completing the survey.