Fundraising in your school or college

We are so grateful to those who choose to support us through their schools and colleges.

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Whether you’re a teacher, pupil or parent, why not get involved in raising donations and awareness for Oxfordshire Mind.

Fundraising can be fun, educational and rewarding! By supporting our cause, you can help us continue to support the mental health of people across Oxfordshire.

“Mental health is becoming a more pressing issue. In our lifetime we will either experience or know someone suffering from a mental illness. We began to raise awareness through our fundraising to ensure students struggling do not feel alone and feel more confident to ask for help.”

Student fundraiser

There are plenty of ways you could fundraise for Oxfordshire Mind – whether it’s through existing events such as school fairs, or through new fundraising activities you might want to invent.

We can provide you with fundraising advice, donation forms, buckets, stickers, posters, collecting tins and t-shirts. We can also help to promote your activities through local newspapers and social media.

We are here to help make your fundraising a huge success so please get in touch:
Phone: 07394 567 360

If you, or a child/young person you know, is struggling, please click here to find out more about the support we can offer.