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It is equally as important to offer support not just to children and young people, parents, and carers, but also professionals who work with young people. We at Oxfordshire Mind understand the importance of role you have with supporting young people.

Important: Our children and Young people service rely on fundraising or funded applications in order to deliver a wide range of our services. Certain projects will require payment, but this is something that can be discussed with the CYP team.


At Oxfordshire Mind our Children and Young People Service can provide mental health & wellbeing support to pupils at school through delivering classroom workshops, assemblies, or projects. These are used as early preventive support and can reflect topics relevant to young people.

We are able to provide age-appropriate resources to primary, secondary, college and university students. Our team are also able to provide information or workshops to parents and staff working in the education settings.

Youth organisations:

The CYP team are often contacted by organisations who support children and young people outside of the education setting. Professionals working in these settings can seek support on addressing mental health and wellbeing to their younger audience.

The Oxfordshire Mind team can help to support with workshops or projects that are bespoke to the mental health and wellbeing of young people’s required needs. Additional support can be offered to the adults working with a younger audience.

Get in touch:

Contact the children and young people service to speak with a member of the team to discuss what support we can offer as a service, any inquiries or request of service and any signposting to services locally and nationally to support young people and colleagues.


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