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The Mental Wealth Academy supports 18-25-year-olds through a programme of non-clinical mental health and wellbeing coping methods This includes those young people with mild-moderate mental health needs who may be falling through gaps created by transition pathways from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to Adult Mental Health Services.

Owing to the pressures of the COVID pandemic, it has been extended in the short-term to 16-and-17-year-olds too.

As part of the project, families are also supported to enable them to work with their young people and address mild-moderate mental health issues.

The Mental Wealth Academy model includes partners; Response, Ark TOxfordshire MindOxfordshire YouthSOFEA and BYHP. The work is characterised by an aspirational, co-productive approach to reduce health inequalities, increase resilience and improving life chances. 

If you’re a young person aged 16-25 experiencing mild-moderate mental health concerns or a family member who would like to support them, please get in touch with the Mental Wealth Academy, and we can arrange for one of our team to call you back.

The support services available include:

• Access to education employment and training

• Personal identity

• Dealing with anxiety/stress

• Physical health/Body image

• Recognising/Managing emotions

• Relationships/Social media

• Steps to wellbeing

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