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REACT – Supporting families and friends of people with bipolar

The Relatives Education and Coping Toolkit (REACT), is a current study at Lancaster University, which aims to provide support for relatives and friends of people with bipolar and psychosis (including schizophrenia).

They are currently looking to recruit over 600 relatives and close friends of people with psychosis and bipolar to register for the toolkit, which has a host of resources including information about different treatment options, de-mystifying the complexity of mental health service provision and how best to manage very difficult and challenging situations.

The toolkit also has a strong peer support element, and a chat forum that encourages relatives to share experiences and support each other, with a direct messaging service through which trained relatives and friends, known as REACT Supporters, can support participants. Once registered, half the participants will be randomly allocated to receive the REACT toolkit and half to receive a Resource Directory listing existing support services. You can find more information here www.reacttoolkit.co.uk