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Prime Minister’s plans to ‘transform’ mental health support

Oxfordshire Mind welcomes the Prime Minister’s announcement on the government’s plans to address ‘everyday injustices’ in mental healthcare.

We are particularly pleased that Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind, has inputted, and together with Lord Dennis Stevenson will be leading a review going forward.

Oxfordshire Mind has been providing mental health services to the people of this county for 50 years. Dan Knowles, Oxfordshire Mind CEO, said:

“Although stigma in mental health has reduced substantially, we all need to work together to ensure it is eradicated. Much good work goes on everyday, however the need for improved mental health services in Oxfordshire remains a significant challenge.

“We welcome a number of items highlighted in today’s announcement:

“Firstly the emphasis on support for schools, especially a preventative approach at both primary and secondary level as well as Mental Health First Aid training.

“Secondly, a new partnership-based approach to mental health support in the workplace. Better mental health for employees increases productivity and reduces sickness, as well as ensuring a more satisfying and enjoyable work experience; a win-win for everyone involved. We look forward to playing our part in improving mental health for both employees and employers in Oxfordshire.

“Thirdly, the development of enhanced digital services. We all have a requirement to deliver value-for-money and the investment in digital mental health services is welcomed. Oxfordshire Mind has been a pioneer for over a decade in the delivery of guided self-help and associated services through the TalkingSpace Plus partnership. Therefore we strongly believe that digital therapy has a role; we also strongly believe it should not replace face-to-face help for those who need it.”

You can watch some of Theresa May’s announcement and read the key facts here.

Image courtesy of www.bbc.co.uk