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“World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health” – World Health Organisatioin

This year Oxfordshire Mind have held a unique World Mental Health Day Campaign. People across the county have been openly sharing contributions on what mental health means to them, by submitting contributions into the #OxMindWMHD Book.

On World Mental Health Day itself, a relay-style event was held across the county gathering contributions from Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership colleagues, schools and workplaces

Stop 1 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay:

First stop on the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to The North Wall Arts Centre.

Oxfordshire Mind collected contributions for the #OxMindWMHD Book during the performance of “My Beautiful Black Dog.”

My Beautiful Black Dog is a poetically wild musical exploring the difficult and beauteous complexity of our fragile minds.

Depression is at its heart, but it’s not depressing – it’s joyous, funny and hopeful! This electrifying show challenges the urgent stigma around mental health and encourages the audience to take ownership over their own black dogs whilst channeling infectious dance moves, swagger-boss costumes and banging tunes!

Stop 2 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay

Stop 2 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to Cherwell District Council.

Meeting with Lydia, Healthy Lifestyles Officer, and the Wellbeing and Rural team we collected key pledges for the #OxMindWMHD Book based around workplace wellbeing.

Stop 3 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay

Stop 3 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to Oxfordshire Mind Housing in Chelsey.

Our CEO, Dan Knowles, cooked clients breakfast whilst collecting artistic contributions for the #OxMindWMHD Book.


Stop 4 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay

Stop 4 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to the Oxfordshire Mind Banbury Wellbeing Hub.

Our PR and Communications Officer, Sarah Jordan, joined a Women’s Only Peer Support Group whilst collecting contributions for the #OxMindWMHD Book.

Stop 5 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay

Stop 5 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to a South Oxfordshire District Council coffee morning with UNISON and Restore.

Restore and Oxfordshire Mind delivered sample courses to all whilst discussing workplace wellbeing and collecting #OxMindWMHD contributions.


Stop 6 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay

Stop 6 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to Gosford Hill School.

Staff met with sixth form pupils and teachers to discuss the new Peer Listening Service. This innovate service is being led by sixth form pupils who buddy younger pupils with wellbeing support.

Stop 7 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay

Stop 7 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to TalkingSpace Plus.

Staff submitted a variety of contributions into the #OxMindWMHD Book!

TalkingSpace Plus is a free service which offers you the chance to help yourself to cope with life’s ups and downs, feel better and learn your own strategies for keeping well.

The service is provided by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust in Partnership with Principal Medical Limited (PML) and Oxfordshire Mind.

Stop 8 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay

Stop 8 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to the “Celebrating World Mental Health Day event” at Witney Corn Exchange.

Together with our OMHP Colleagues, Oxfordshire Recovery CollegeRestoreOxford Health NHS Foundation TrustResponse Organisation,Connection Support and Elmore we collected contributions for the #OxMindWMHD Book on the Cherwell District Council Health Bus.

Stop 9 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay

Stop 9 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to a Peer Support Silver Sm ithing Group in Cowley.

Our CEO, Dan Knowles, joined in on the groups activities whilst collecting contributions for the #OxMindWMHD Book.



Stop 10 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay

Stop 10 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to Restore and the Oxfordshire Recovery College.

Our CEO, Dan Knowles, joined in with staff and service users activities whilst collecting contributions for the #OxMindWMHD Book.

Stop 11 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay

Our CEO, Dan Knowles, met with staff and service users to discuss World Mental Health Day and collect contributions for the #OxMindWMHD Book.Stop 11 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to Connection Support.



Stop 12 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay

Stop 12 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to Elmore Community Services.

Our CEO, Dan Knowles, met with Charlotte Hicks, Elmore Service Manager, to discuss the campaign and collect a contribution for the #OxMindWMHD Book.

Stop 13 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay

Stop 13 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Our CEO, Dan Knowles, met with service users, clinicians and OMHP colleagues to collect contributions for the #OxMindWMHD Book in a very special car!



Stop 14 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay

Stop 14 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to the Pitt Rivers Museum.

Our Information Coordinator, Kate Wilson, met with Cllr Marie Tidball and TORCH – The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities to collect contributions for the #OxMindWMHD Book during a “Hidden Beneath the Surface” #WMHD talk.

Stop 15 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay

Stop 15 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to Oxford Town Hall.

Our Information Coordinator, Kate Wilson, met with Cllr Marie Tidball, Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Christine Simm and Tom Hayes, Head of External Relations at Restore to collect contributions for the #OxMindWMHD Book.


Stop 16 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay

Stop 16 on the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to Oxford Computers to meet with Ami and Team Oxford.

Lois Muddiman and Ruth Stavris are both involved in Ami, their aim is to reduce loneliness and isolation in Oxfordshire.

Final stop on the #OxMindWMHD Relay

Final stop of the #OxMindWMHD Relay was to Oxfordshire County Council, County Hall – Council Chamber.

Oxford Health NHS Foundation TrustConnection SupportRestoreResponse OrganisationOxfordshire Recovery College, Elmore Community Services, TalkingSpace Plus, OSARCCOxford City CouncilCherwell District CouncilSouth Oxfordshire District CouncilWest Oxfordshire District CouncilUNISONOxfordshire County Council and more joined in to celebrate the final stop on the #OxMindWMHD relay.

Over 70 people joined Oxfordshire Mind at County Hall to end the relay event. #OxMindWMHD book contributions were shared with all and a variety of different foods from different cultures were shared, all made by service users!