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OLCA supports Oxfordshire Mind

The Oxfordshire Lady Captains Association (OLCA) is made up of past Lady Captains from 19 golf clubs in Oxfordshire. Over the last year, they held a series of lunches, golf meetings, and matches in aid of Oxfordshire Mind.

Bryony Topliss speaks of her year as Captain of the Association:

“It has been such a memorable year and the various events gave me a chance to raise the profile of Mind. I think Mind is such a good match for the OLCA. As I have said to our Ladies, OLCA fosters the 5 Ways to Wellbeing that Mind promote:

Connect – We connect with our golfing friends through the events we hold

Be Active – We all enjoy our golf, and if we have hung up out golf shoes, the events we hold are a lovely way to stay in touch

Take Notice – We enjoy the activities and we are always talking about the missed shot!

Keep Learning – There is always more to learn in golf. We are all striving to play a better round than the last time

And of course, Give – As a member of OLCA we are linked to the OLCA Community which is a hugely supportive organisation”

On behalf of everyone at Oxfordshire Mind, we’d like to wholeheartedly thank the OLCA for supporting our cause this year by raising awareness for our cause, and raising a fantastic £425!