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Hannah’s Making Masks!

Hannah, one of our fantastic supporters is making non-medical, fabric face masks for her local community and raising money for Oxfordshire Mind!

Hannah said: “As someone who has suffered with anxiety and depression for 10 years, and also seen friends and family go through their own struggles, I felt it was only right to choose a charity very close to my heart, our local mental health charity Oxfordshire Mind. Our mental health is more important than ever right now. Being shut indoors for hours on end with no physical contact with family and friends is hard for everyone, especially if you struggle with your mental health. I hope raising money for this great charity will go some way to help everyone suffering with mental health”.

I’m sure you will all agree, the masks are beautiful! And so far, Hannah has made over 100 masks and raised over £200 for the charity!

A very big thank you to Hannah for her fundraising and hard work in making these wonderful face masks, we really appreciate your support!

To see more of her work and purchase a mask, please visit her Facebook page here