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Common questions and answers about the Oxfordshire Mind Text Service

Question: What Is Oxfordshire Mind’s Text Service?

Answer: Oxfordshire Mind’s Text service is an alternative way to get in touch with Oxfordshire Mind other than calling in or sending an email.

Question: Who can use this service?

Answer: If you are 16 and over. If you live within the boundaries of Oxfordshire, you can access the Oxfordshire Mind Text Service.

Question: When was the service launched and why?

Answer: The Oxfordshire Mind Text service was launched during the Corona virus pandemic as an alternative way to contact the service for help and support

How does the service work?

  1. An individual will text their question / worries/ concerns   to ‘07451 277 973’ when calling in or emailing is not suitable or convenient. This service is available between 9:30 and 4:30 Monday to Thursday and 9:30 and 4:00 Fridays to people who want and need support in Oxfordshire. [DL1] 
  2. A Texter will then receive an automated text explaining the service and the terms and conditions attached. At this point the texter will be asked to consent to their data being stored on our systems. The service is dependent on the texter saying yes to the consent. If they are unable to do this they will be re-directed to another method of contact. This text will also let the individual know that they are now connected to a trained Information Worker. The aim is to respond to all texters within 10 minutes but wait times may be longer during busy periods.
  3. Once the automated message has come through the next message will be from the Information worker who will then introduce themselves. The Texter and Info Worker will communicate back and forth via text message, using Oxfordshire Mind’s secure platform.
  4. Our Info workers will use their extensive knowledge in mental health, wellbeing and signposting to support the texter to arrive at a realistic plan to support the individual moving forward.
  5. At the end of the conversation, the Info Worker will send a final summarising text to provide details of the signposting solutions agreed on the text and to sign off the text conversation.  

Question: What can I expect when Texting Oxfordshire Mind?

Answer: A text conversation around your mental health and wellbeing that is both informative and supportive offering a variety of signposting suggestions.

Question: Is there a character limit when texting Oxfordshire Mind?

Answer: 160 characters per text

Question: Can I text in more than once?

Answer: You can text the Oxfordshire Mind Text Service any time you have a question around mental health and wellbeing. Oxfordshire Mind tries to provide the answers and possible solutions to all types of mental health challenges.  Our trained Information Workers provide users with advice and techniques to handle spikes in mental health in individuals as well as providing signposting for future use.  We cannot provide regular long-term support over text however we can direct you to both local and national services suitable for your current needs. We can also offer you the chance to get involved in the support offered by our locality hubs by booking in an options session if appropriate at the time. If you text in frequently over a period of 48 hours with the same concerns we may advise you that the text service is no longer suitable for your needs and advise you to call into the service for more person specific support.

Question: What do I do if I want to stop my conversation with a worker?

Answer: Message us with the word ‘STOP’ at any time during a conversation to end the conversation. Our Information Worker will not message you again once you have ended the conversation. If you would like to start the conversation again, text in again with the word ‘START’.

Question: Are my messages with Oxfordshire Mind confidential?

Answer: When you text in you will be asked to confirm consent. This will be done by a text message which will require you to respond Yes for consent or No for withholding consent.  We need to let you know that once you have text in your data will automatically load on to our systems. If you don’t wish for this to happen you should call in and not use the text service as a means of communication. Only Oxfordshire Mind staff know what Texters share with the Info Worker. That information stays between you and the Info Worker, unless sharing it with emergency services is absolutely necessary for your safety and the safety of others. If this needs to happen the Info Worker will explain what will happen next. Your safety and the safety of others is paramount to us. We take your confidentiality seriously. Please view our terms and conditions.

Question: Do you store my details?

Answer: Yes we keep a record of text conversations on our secure database We will ask for your name so that we can store data efficiently on our computer systems. This helps our workers to ensure that they are offering you the right support when or if you access OM. We share some of this data with our funders so we can carry on offering this service, but the data is always anonymised. The content of the text messages are not shared with anyone external except in circumstances where it is believed that an individual is at risk if we do not share information (e.g. in a safeguarding situation).  The worker will discuss/inform the texter if this is the case”. 

Question: How will this data be used?

Answer: The anonymised data we collate helps to provide unique insights into individuals mental health needs and to ensure we are able to meet those needs in the most appropriate way by having localised services, where possible, in place.

Question: What if I want my text messages deleted from your system?

Answer: You can contact our Data officer at Oxfordshire Mind and the process of having data removed from our systems would be explained to you. You can contact the Data Officer on the following email address dataprotection@oxfordshiremind.org.uk

Question: What if I have got a complaint about Oxfordshire Mind text Service?

Answer: If you wish to file a complaint, please contact our Complaints Administrator by emailing office@oxfordshiremind.org.uk

If you need assistance making the complaint you can contact the Complaints Administrator by phone on 01865 263 730

Alternatively, you can write to the following address:

F.A.O. The Complaints Administrator

The Oxfordshire Mind Office

2 Kings Meadow

Osney Mead



 [DL1]Who wants and needs support in Oxfordshire?