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2021 Questionnaire for children and young people in Oxfordshire – how supported do you feel by the services you use?

Oxfordshire County Council would like your views about the services you use.

Services include: schools/colleges, youth clubs, social workers, job clubs, health services etc. – but could be any services that provide help and support, or affect your life in some way. You may have answered this questionnaire in January 2019 and/or 2020, but they would like to see how supported children and young people feel now.

Please complete this 2021 questionnaire, even if you filled in the one for 2019 and/or 2020. ‘Be Supported’ is one of the 4 focus areas of the Oxfordshire Children and Young People’s Plan 2018 – 2021, which is sponsored by The Children’s Trust Board and has been developed through discussion with partners including asking children and young people what is important to them.

You can view the Plan or summary Poster version online – ask your worker if you need help with this: www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/ChildrensPlan

This questionnaire will take 5 – 10 minutes to complete. You can fill out the questionnaire online (until 9th May 2021) at: www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/BeSupported

You can also download and complete printed versions, found below, which needs to be returned by 30th April 2021.

Your views and opinions matter – please take the time to respond. All responses are anonymous and information will not be used for any other purpose.

Please DO NOT complete this questionnaire if you are aged 19 or older, unless you have additional needs (and are aged 19 – 25). When you’re finished, please put in an envelope and give to your worker to return for you, or you can send it directly using the following FREEPOST address (you do not need a stamp!):

CYP Plan – Engagement Team
Oxfordshire County Council

For more information about this questionnaire, please e-mail Adrian Chant (Engagement & Consultation Officer): adrian.chant@oxfordshire.gov.uk or call: 07771 387947.