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Well Cello There

Well Cello There, a special concert which took place in Thame on November 13th 2021, raised an incredible £2,500 for Oxfordshire Mind.

The concert featured Octocello – a group of eight local cellists – who demonstrated the amazing versatility of the cello starting from a solo instrument to the beautiful rich sound of multiple cellos playing together. The eight cellos were joined by soprano singer Hannah Bennet.

Chris, one of the cellists and lead organiser, sought help from Oxfordshire Mind during a particularly deep and long period of depression. He also found therapy in music by arranging some of his favourite pieces for an 8-cello group and promising that he would perform some of it one day. This concert was Chris fulfilling that promise, and another he had made to help others in similar positions.

A huge thank you to Chris, the eight local cellists, Hannah and everyone who took part in organising this wonderful event. We really appreciate your support.