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During these difficult and unusual times, changes in the way we all live, learn and work impacts both our physical and mental health, which includes affecting our sleep. Be kind to yourself by prioritising your sleep to protect your mental health. 

Oxfordshire Mind have partnered with Sleepio to provide expert guidance on sleep and mental health during these difficult times, as well as free access to their evidence-based, digital therapy programme for all Oxfordshire residents.

Sleep guides:

Created by Dr Dimitri Gavriloff, Senior Clinical Psychologist and Sleep Tutor at Circadian Neuroscience Institute at the University of Oxford, the following guides will explain the importance of sleep, its effect on mental health, what is Sleepio and what you can expect from the programme.

  1. What is insomnia & why treat it with CBTi and Sleepio?
  2. Sleep Myths vs Sleep Facts
  3. Why should you trust Sleepio?
  4. What can you expect from Sleepio?
  5. Sleep and Mental Health: What you need to know

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To start the Sleepio programme, click here: www.sleepio.com/nhs